How to subscribe/unsubscribe for this service: 

Download Bangllink BoiGhor app from google play store or visit and subscribe/unsubscribe from the subscription option. 

You can also subscribe/unsubscribe with a message. 

To subscribe by SMS

Daily: SMS START BM to 27050
Monthly Renewal: SMS START BM30 to 27050
Monthly On demand: SMS START BM30NA to 27050

To unsubscribe

Daily: SMS STOP BM to 27050 
Monthly Renewal: SMS STOP BM30 to 27050
Monthly On demand: SMS STOP BM30NA to 27050


BDT 2.78 (with SD, VAT & SC)/Day
BDT 41.70 (with SD, VAT & SC)/ 30 Days

Unlimited Free Books each day and 2 Premium Books each day with subscription.